Now that this harsh winter is nearing its end, we can all start planning our spring, summer and fall trips. One of the great things about owning a Bounder is the ability to comfortably travel with all our stuff. We plan to meet up with old friends and hopefully meet new friends while we travel this beautiful county. Gas prices are down and hopefully will stay down which should allow us to travel more.

Below you will find a brief summary of a number of Bounder related events that we plan to attend. I’m sure that there are many others but this list should provide you with a starting point for your 2015 adventures.

April 26th to 30th "Make Your Next Port Shreveport" This is the 14th Annual Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) International (Into) Area Rally being held at the State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport. The Bounder-Roos chapter of FMCA has planned a chapter social event at this rally. All FMCA member Bounder owners are invited to this event. For further information go to our Rally Schedule page.

June 4th to 7th Fleetwood RV National Rally & 65th Anniversary Celebration 2015 is the 65th anniversary of Fleetwood which makes the Bounder RV. The celebration is being held in Fleetwood’s home city of Decatur, Indiana. All sites are dry camping only. For further information go to the FMA rally website.

July 26th to July 28th Bounder-Roos National Rally This is a three day rally prior to FMCA’s 92nd Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Madison, Wisconsin which is being held from July 29th to August 1st. There will be social events in the evenings and the days will be free to sightsee. Further details are in the box to the right. ⇒

August 24th to August 28th 2015 is the Bounders United International Rally This rally is being held at Americas Best Campground in Branson, Missouri which provides full hookups for everyone. Six meals and four nights of entertainment are included. For further information go to the Bounders United website.

September 29th to October 3rd Bounders of America International Rally This rally is being held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. If the rally itself isn’t enough, you can extend your stay through race week and enjoy one of the great NASCAR events. For further information go to the BOA web site.

These are a few things that are on our travel agenda for this year. In addition, we review the Chapter Happenings in the Bounder Sounder and the Bounder Beacon both of which are available online and try to drop in on other chapters as we travel. We always call ahead and receive a warm welcome. Visiting other chapters is a great way to meet new friends and steal some ideas for your own chapter.

Bob Weithofer
Bounder-Roos President

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Folks, you can now plan on a Bounder-Roos Pre-Rally at the FMCA National Convention at Madison, Wisconsin. That's right. Plan on entering the fairgrounds on July 26th and only Bounders will be parked together for this excellent gathering. Upside is everyone who registers that is an FMCA member and owns a Bounder will be in this grouping which is sponsored by our Bounder-Roos chapter of FMCA. At present we have reserved 35 sites ONLY for our gathering. We will have a facility for only our gathering from 5-9 PM each evening of the 26th, 27th and 28th. Another upside is that you will have 30 amps, and we are hoping that we will have NO CHARGE from FMCA for the three days. The only downside is the Bounder-Roos Executive Board has told FMCA that FMCA members with Bounder-Roos would donate two 4 hour time volunteering to help run the FMCA Convention. The details are still being worked on but volunteers would be used in trams, parking, security, seminar monitoring or stations like that two days at four hours each. The days hours will be attendees to spend as they like, touring, eating out or in, doing things over town but the evenings will be activities with fellow Bounder members. Mark your calendars. This is going to be a really fine, super get-together of Bounders!!!

There will be more details coming out as we get closer to July 26th. As the details are learned, we will put them on the web site. Remember the address? Just click on and updates will be placed on the home page. Now how easy is that?

Jerry Ayres, Wagon-master