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Now that this harsh winter is nearing its end, we can all start planning our spring, summer and fall trips. One of the great things about owning a Bounder is the ability to comfortably travel with all our stuff. We plan to meet up with old friends and hopefully meet new friends while we travel this beautiful county. Gas prices are down and hopefully will stay down which should allow us to travel more.

Below you will find a brief summary of a number of Bounder related events that we plan to attend. Iím sure that there are many others but this list should provide you with a starting point for your 2015 adventures.

September 29th to October 3rd Bounders of America International Rally This rally is being held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. If the rally itself isnít enough, you can extend your stay through race week and enjoy one of the great NASCAR events. For further information go to the BOA web site.

These are a few things that are on our travel agenda for this year. In addition, we review the Chapter Happenings in the Bounder Sounder and the Bounder Beacon both of which are available online and try to drop in on other chapters as we travel. We always call ahead and receive a warm welcome. Visiting other chapters is a great way to meet new friends and steal some ideas for your own chapter.

Bob Weithofer
Bounder-Roos President

Why not pay your 2015 dues the easy way -- by PayPal or credit card?  If you have paid for multiple years, check the roster in the Members Only section for your expiration year.

RIP Dr Frank Ruckman 1944-2015