Bounder-Roos was certified as a Chapter of Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) in August 2010, with a record 208 Charter Members.  We are Bounder owners from all over the USA and Canada; hence we are under the International Area (INTO) of FMCA.

Our interest is in camaraderie among Bounder Owners and having FUN.  We will have at least one formal rally/meeting per year.  Informal rallies are encouraged and I hope to attend many myself and to meet you.

We have a Board that consists of nine board members: President, Senior VP, Western VP, Central VP, Eastern VP, Treasurer, Secretary, National Director and Alternate National Director. <see Contacts>

Our requirements for membership are simple:

  • Own a Bounder motorhome (any year, gas or diesel).

  • Be a member in good standing of FMCA.  If not a member we can help you become one.

  • Enjoy having fun with your Bounder, meeting other Bounder owners, chatting about your experiences, and, of course, enjoy pot luck dinners.

I would like to thank you for visiting our web site and hope to meet you in person as a member of Bounder-Roos.

Bob Weithofer
Bounder-Roos President

Why not pay your 2015 dues the easy way -- by PayPal or credit card?  If you have paid for multiple years, check the roster in the Members Only section for your expiration year.
Folks, you can now plan on a Bounder-Roos Pre-Rally at the FMCA National Convention at Madison, Wisconsin. That's right. Plan on entering the fairgrounds on July 26th and only Bounders will be parked together for this excellent gathering. Upside is everyone who registers that is an FMCA member and owns a Bounder will be in this grouping which is sponsored by our Bounder-Roos chapter of FMCA. At present we have reserved 35 sites ONLY for our gathering. We will have a facility for only our gathering from 5-9 PM each evening of the 26th, 27th and 28th. Another upside is that you will have 30 amps, and we are hoping that we will have NO CHARGE from FMCA for the three days. The only downside is the Bounder-Roos Executive Board has told FMCA that FMCA members with Bounder-Roos would donate two 4 hour time volunteering to help run the FMCA Convention. The details are still being worked on but volunteers would be used in trams, parking, security, seminar monitoring or stations like that two days at four hours each. The days hours will be attendees to spend as they like, touring, eating out or in, doing things over town but the evenings will be activities with fellow Bounder members. Mark your calendars. This is going to be a really fine, super get-together of Bounders!!!

There will be more details coming out as we get closer to July 26th. As the details are learned, we will put them on the web site. Remember the address? Just click on and updates will be placed on the home page. Now how easy is that?

Jerry Ayres, Wagon-master