Bounder-Roos was certified as a Chapter of Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) in August 2010, with a record 208 Charter Members.  We are Bounder owners from all over the USA and Canada; hence we are under the International Area (INTO) of FMCA.

Our interest is in camaraderie among Bounder Owners and having FUN.  We will have at least one formal rally/meeting per year.  Informal rallies are encouraged and I hope to attend many myself and to meet you.

We have a Board that consists of nine board members: President, Senior VP, Western VP, Central VP, Eastern VP, Treasurer, Secretary, National Director and Alternate National Director. <see Contacts>

Our requirements for membership are simple:

  • Own a Bounder motorhome (any year, gas or diesel).

  • Be a member in good standing of FMCA.  If not a member we can help you become one.

  • Enjoy having fun with your Bounder, meeting other Bounder owners, chatting about your experiences, and, of course, enjoy pot luck dinners.

I would like to thank you for visiting our web site and hope to meet you in person as a member of Bounder-Roos.

Bob Weithofer
Bounder-Roos President


Election of Officers, May 2014

President:  Bob Weithofer
Treasurer:  Judy Heiges

Note: No volunteers for the Central Region so that vacancy will be filled by appointment.  Will you be a volunteer?

Nominating Committee:
Jerry Ayres, Dick Marvin, Bob Heiges